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Why (Some) Girls Are Obsessed With White Skin

Why Girls Are Obsessed With White Skin

As a seller, I got some frequently asked question from the majority of customers. They mostly like, “Are you selling whitening supplements?” Or even like, “How fast it will work?”

Why are some people obsessed with white skin? Are they not satisfied with their skin tone? I know human’s skin need extra treatment because as the time passed our skin could be damage by some factors; pollute, sun light, and also lake of nutrition. The signs are not seems like dullness but also dryness, acne, freckles and wrinkles. Let’s talk more about the reasons.

1. Influence of Media

I remember since I was kid, many of us watching the beautiful celebrities on TV who definitely had the white skin whether in local or imported movies. Off course, we often see the bright skin with the foreign star from the imported movies. It happen when we see the star in local drama, beautiful women are always figured with their bright skin even as musicians. The effect is our mind have been doctrine until growing up.

2. Ads Effect

We know that company seeking benefit no matter how. It also done for the best-selling products on the market. Through advertising, they promoted that pretty women are in white skin so if your skin is not bright enough, then you are not pretty yet.

This is not true! Beauty is not fixated on skin color. 

3. Influence of Society

Family, friends, and most of people around us have the same thought; white skin = pretty. They unconciously effected by what they watch and it challenged us getting a fairly bright skin. We may be drifting and drowning in this obsession.

4. Racist

Perhaps still many people deny, but we can find around us (especially in Indonesia) there is someone underrate another one who has dark skin which similar to a certain race.  As an example, when we are already get back from the beach and we got tanned skin. Our friends start to bully and it can be lead to racist. We didn’t take it serious because we though it just a joke, but it still not true to be done.

5. Mix and Match Clothing Effortless

People in white skin choose wardrobes in any color easily. Especially girls have various style and type. Different case with the dark skin, may be avoiding bold colors. To be honest, both of white or dark skin can chose any color for their wardrobe as they like. But the damn effects from the above points, people in dark skin are not confidence enough to wear anything they want.

6. Suitable For Any Make Up

Most of local foundation only serve light shades which suitable for women in white skin. If the dark skin try to wear it, the make up result is not natural and looks like fake. Luckily, there are some brand who serve more shades that suitable for dark skin, they are Make Over and Maybelline. If you can not wear Korean Cosmetics which require you to have bright skin first, do not blame yourself. I have yellow toned skin and I am not into Korean BB Cream.

7. Looks Attractive In Dating

Men have criteria in choosing date partner, the one of them is required to be white skin. Perhaps the men are also doctrine since they were kid by watch TV or ads which always figured pretty bright skin women anywhere. We can also find the beautiful girl has a lot of fans, a lot of followers, as though men in this country are challenged to be her partner.  This is insane, is having a bright skin determine her as your perfect type? No! Don’t underrate people by their skin color.

Using whitening products is not false along we still in a good way. A healthy looking and fresh skin is the best we can get from doing skincare. White or dark skin is not the problem. Love yourself, be yourself and highlight the best side of your own.

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